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  • Jamie
Josh, Henry, Dom and Joe. U guys are my idols and Larkins band has always been my happy place I have booked tickets for Nottingham once again 8th of Dec. I love you all wish u all best of luck and please keep providing everyone with tines that are unreal i love you xoxox
  • T x
Broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and am procrastinating school work rn while listening to love songs. I hope things get better soon.
  • Emilie
  • Rose
How’s everyone doing? Little reminder that you’re loved and you can get through this <3

I’ve been staying sane by throwing myself concerts in my room and blasting live recordings. Live at the Albert Hall hits different now.
  • :-)
lockdowns really been tough tbh, moods been up & down constantly :( your music has honestly been one of the only things getting me through it so thank you so muchhh!!! can’t wait for december <3
  • Antonia
I’m not having much fun cos the weather in manny is shite as per usual but I hope everyone who reads this is doing okay :) X
  • harry
What the fuck is going on
  • immygren
my lockdown consists of food, music and animal crossing. yes i am having fun.
  • TW
Having a pretty rubbish time of it but blasting music is getting me through
  • Cara
Not going to lie having a hard time to be motivated to do anything at this point. But I’ve been trying to keep positive listening to your music and looking through old photos. I really really miss the gigs and the memories. Hope you guys are goods.
  • Soph
so chuffed i found you guys during lockdown! keep doing what you’re doing 🖤
  • Gayle
Everyday I feel grateful that I am still working full time, and for the opportunities that have arisen during lockdown. I have worked on four campaigns in the last three months. Who knew working at a contact centre, could be so beneficial during a pandemic?
  • Jack
The fun hasn’t come yet, unfortunately
  • Meg
I was at your Edinburgh show last year, that crowd SUCKED i am so sorry. I tried to make up for the rest of them as best as i could by singing super loud, you guys deserved a screaming crowd. Hope you’re all doing good, your music gets me through shit like this.
Sending love.
  • Sinali
I’ve never appreciated music as much as i have during lockdown. sometimes it grounds me, sometimes it fits my mood- sometimes it makes me FEEL something else entirely. I can’t wait to go to gigs again because my relationship w music is so much better and way more complex now. Miss you guys ❤️
  • Josh
Lockdown has made me extremely fed up, mental health at a low, but your music pulls me the hell through, new and old. AWHAFY * Pieces. Legends
  • Lauren
Feeling up and down and like the world is maybe not as evolved and forward thinking as I thought. Trying to better myself and hoping this is where the change can finally start.
Your music is keeping me sane, sending big love x
  • Eva (‘ ‘)>
My life rn revolves around watching Tiktok in the bath for 2 hours. 💕

Also craving a dominos but haven’t got one for 20 miles. 😢
  • Ella
Hey to whoever reads this, I hope you have a great day and can think of something to make you smile. My head's been all over the place during this lockdown, but thinking about the last time I saw these guys live has kept me smiling and hopeful for the future when I can gig again. Lots of love, ella♡
  • Ruby
I've been listening to your music since the 'Let your hair down' days and you have created such an amazing community which I am so proud to be apart of. Cant wait for December its gonna be sick. Also AWHAFY has saved isolation so THANKYOU! x
  • <3
thank you for giving me music to cry to and music to get me through the pain🤍music for me to fall asleep to every night and music for me to dance to and just straight vibe to-your music means the world to me. i love you. x
  • Zoe <3
You guys are literally the best! I don’t know any bands that would go as far as you guys would to put a smile on our faces, every one of you is so genuine and have hearts of gold. Josh your voice is just 😍 but none of the songs would be complete without henry, dom n joe, you are all amazing! ily <3
  • Leon
Saw Larkins at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells last year, that concert really sticks in my mind. Had one of the best times ever. Discovered you when you sent me a dm on Instagram in early 2018! Been so nice to see you grow over the last 2 years :)
  • Ad
i met my most favourite person at ur gig thank u so much! cannot wait for december shows x
  • julia
im living with a non accepting family and its actually killing me.
  • Kaden
Theres something really daunting about this box that you're asking me to type in, so I dont really know what to say, BUT best news is that I finished writing one of my short stories and I'm plucking up the courage to send it to my friends (they love reading stories) and I really hope they like it <3
  • Lucy
I’ve been listening to your music for over two years now and you guys have helped me so much. I’ve been through some of the most awful times this past year and listening to your music has made me feel so much better. I just wanna say a massive thank you and let you all know that I love you so much❤️
  • Claire
  • liberty
thank you for being an escape during quarantine. finding life hard atm but getting through it . love you guys so so much stay safe x
  • Laurie
Struggling with life in quarantine, especially after having to move home but using music as a way of passing time and still having fun. Hope you lads are doing good, and I bet that like me you can't wait to get back out there x
  • Natalie :)
hiiiiii, hope you’re all okay!!!
wanted to know are you still going a head with your December shows?x
  • Fran
Was a year ago today that I saw you guys play for the first time, it was kind of life changing! I never expected to change so much because of music but the energy and meaning that your songs have has helped me to grow so much as a person and become more confident then I ever thought possible.
  • eva
  • robbie
you guys really really help me. i seem like a really extroverted person but turns out i’m really self conscious. i get worried what people will think of me and i’ve been really sad about it recently. your guys’ music helps me a lot. thank you ❤️
  • eva
i cannot fucking believe it’s been a year since that gig at the deaf institute ?? how insane is that ???? unreal gig ! will go down as one of my best nights, proper fucked my chemistry exam the next day mind you but who needs chemistry when they’re gonna be an artist? thought so haha love yous xoxox
  • Riz
Life seems so monotonous at the moment, repeating the same stuff over and over. Yet as much as I'm hating lockdown, I also can't bear the thought of life returning to any form of normality any time soon. Just taking each day as it comes until this is all over. Hope everyone's doing okay ❣
  • Lucie
I’m tired
  • aleks
  • Rachel
I discovered your guys’ music during lockdown so I guess it hasn’t all been bad - silver linings and all that jazz. AWHAFY is a bop & I can’t wait until you all visit Scotland for a gig! 🤍
  • Rachel
I came across your guyses’ music during lockdown so I guess it ain’t all that bad - silver linings and all that jazz 🤍
  • Felonious Gru
no larkins, i am not having any fun yet i am clinically depressed
  • Sophie
I’m finally starting to enjoy lockdown. I can now see my friends that I haven’t seen in weeks. We can play football and blast out Larkins as loud as possible. Hoping that December comes fast so I can hear the music live again. Love you guys 🖤
  • Lammers
please add The Tale of Cassandra to your set list again x
  • caitlin
ngl pretty shit but lockdown has forced me to get help for my mental health so kinda thankful? music/ solo dance parties are keeping me going, can’t wait to go to a gig again :)))
  • Anna
I have been in hospital with DKA 3 times during lockdown and being stuck in a hospital as an older teenager with no visitors (not even parents) allowed is so scary. Being tied down by 4 drips SUCKS but (no cringe) your music kept me sane in there. Better things will come if we all keep our heads up
  • Sasha
Lockdown has made my mental health so rubbish but you guys make it so much better. Every one of your songs just pick me up and I love it. Keep being you 💕
  • Evelyn
Honestly, I'm in the darkest place I've ever been and I don't see a way out. Every day is a struggle and everything hurts. Life is lonely. But nobody likes a downer, at least here it's fairly anon.
  • Kim
Like most people in here music is my saviour 😇 Hopefully it won’t be long until we can be in actual venues :( miss everyone <3
  • Abbie
In desperate need of a holiday. Work at the NHS so not stopped since this began. But singing along to Not Enough Love on a sunny day on the drive home is always a nice pick me up :)
  • Gavin
pretty shit tbh, but you guys and others music are keeping me going. thank you
  • Dylan
I’m not having fun yet. The weather is awful and I miss my mates and I miss gigging :(
  • Holly
Lockdown is really making my mental health take a toll for the worst but listening to larkins or any other band/artist is comforting me in ways that I can't explain. Music takes my mind off things and I've used music as a coping method for many years so all I can say is thank you!!💛
  • Ma'
They're talking about getting out of lockdown, I feel like I'm just starting. First week with no work, celebrating 27yo bday and working on a photo project. I feel like in a cage but with a free spirit, try to focus when your mind is speeding up and your body is just there stuck in the same seat.
  • Maisie
Not gonna lie loving quarantine,getting to learn so much more about myself(I know that sounds cringe).However,can’t wait until it’s over so I can see yall live because that will be an amazing vibe xxx
  • Aj
I'm having a great time and I love your music and everything you so dearly, you guys are genuinely awesome x
  • Will Whitfield
Are we having any fun yet? No because I’m not at a Larkins gig.
  • E
feeling like absolute trash, chucked on some larkins and i already feel better. sending love to you all and praying for December to come quickly xx
  • big julia
i feel like floyd in this mayweather
it’s so hard to produce a smile these days
jk love u
  • Ben
Not doing to bad to be honest. Starting to feel the boredom affects of lockdown but Not to bad. Can't wait for new music from you guys x
  • Chloe
Listening to “AWHAFY?” just reminds me of concert nostalgia that I wish I could experience right now instead of worrying about everything :(

I can’t wait till everything goes back to normal, so I can see you guys perform live and just be a teen again. ❣️
  • Jamie
Hi boys. Love you all, hope your quarantine is not bad, really missing the gigs :( also praying for some new music from you all at some point xx
  • Kady
i'm doing okay !!!! up cycled some jeans all day yesterday so feeling very accomplished:)) i hope you guys are doing well in lockdown can't wait until we can gig again and to see you live !!!
  • Jess
unlike the majority of people, i’m upset that lockdown is ending and i find myself reflecting on time i wasted and wish i could get back. i’ve enjoyed forgetting about social anxieties and panicking about work but easing back into normality is proving quite challenging. i hope everyone’s doing okay❤️
  • Emilie
We miss you guys!!! Thank you for keeping me slighter more sane through lockdown. I hope you’re all okay ❤️ Also please remember to speak to people if you are feeling lonely or uninspired, we need your love, creativity and knowledge xxx
  • Adam
I'm doing drawings of bands atm could you send me one of you lot I could draw x
  • Chloe
It’s my 21st birthday tomorrow! Although gutted I cannot celebrate properly.
  • Daniela
Everything it's going fine 🥰
I'm anxious about how things are rn around the world but I'm fine💙
As always your music is helping💙🥺
  • c
buy sports teams new album!!!!!!
  • Cara
Honestly missing you guys so much. Like just finished all my college stuff now got nothing to do. Hope everyone is okay and doing well. It’s just been a hard few days trying to be positive.
  • Izzy
Don't really know if I'm coming or going atm. Heads bit fucked as per usual but definitely people having it worse atm so puts everything into perspective. Missing gigs like crazy especially larkins ones but hopefully December and next year will be better than the shit show of 2020
  • regan
missing concerts like mad
  • meg
not doing all that well if we’re going to be honest here, lockdown is easing yet things seem to be getting harder. feeling hopeful about the future but missing normality; whatever that was. missing the gig scene, missing my friends and the freedom we took for granted. much love, stay safe x
  • Isaac
Giz an album lads x
  • Taylor
Been a bit up and down to be honest... Don’t know what to do, you know? miss you loads x
  • Charlotte
You guys have literally saved my quarantine with your ABSOLUTE tunes so thank u for your service
  • larkins
we miss you guys. drop a note and let us know how you're doing x
  • melissa :)
im going to see you guys on my birthday in dec!!!! literally so so excited i can’t waittttt!!!!!
  • Chantelle
I'm in love with your music is slaps!, I and my friend millie are gonna try to go to your show on Dec 8th, TOO excited hehe, so happy (p.s i really wanna meet you guys!)
  • Ana
you only live once. Fk it. I’m gonna ask a guy if he wants to go for a coffee together when cafés are open. Life is too short. Im gonna shoot my shot and see what happens :)
  • Charlotte
Your music literally makes me dance around my room, volume high and just stop to enjoy the moment and the happiness. I haven't done that in a long time; it makes me feel good. Thank you!
  • anna
Due to something that happened at a concert a few years ago, i’ve found it too much to go to gigs. Your music genuinely makes me so happy, and if one day I can make it to one of your gigs, it would be so worthwhile. You guys are amazing, keep it up <3 much love to you all x
  • Harriet
Music has become a way of life for me during lockdown. I remember seeing an advert for y'all on insta last summer & kept popping up so I had to listen. Music has helped me through difficult situations I put my self in mentally. Thank you for your music it means so much x
  • Keris
During this lockdown I realised how short life is and to not waste my time. As soon as lockdowns over I’m going to make the most of my life!
  • alex
The last year or so of my life has been pretty crazy, all sorts of emotions have been non stop. Youre music has really helped me step back and view life from a much more positive perspective, everything happens for a reason. Being in a band myself you guys are the biggest inspirations x keep it up x
  • T
Missing someone, an awful awful lot more than I should or want to :(
  • sol
i discovered your music recently and filled me with emotion, the meaning of every word made me feel less alone, and I hope your recognition will continue to grow and can reach many people with different realities, I love you guys.
  • Holls
Fuck it, we ain’t getting any younger. LIVE.
  • Holls
I would rather wake up one day later in life and say I did everything I wanted to do than wake up wishing I had done all of the things people said I shouldn’t do.
  • Holls
Don’t waste your time worrying about other people opinions. Go do whatever the fuck you wanna do whenever you wanna do it. Express yourself however you wanna. Identify how you wanna. Love WHOEVER you wanna. AND HAVE FUN.
  • Holly
a life void of art is a life void of expression, fun, happiness, creativity, uniqueness and taste. Music is art, art is everything.
  • Holly
Think it’s so important to live in the moment and do whatever the fuck you wanna do, when you wanna do it and just because YOU wanna do it. don’t let anyone stop you from being yourself and having fun. Ask yourself AWHAFY and if the answer is no , don’t waste time go have fucking fuuun!!!
  • Jamie
AWHAFY? really hit home with me. a couple of months ago i took the train with my (ex) gf back to Nottingham for my birthday. and we got back to the flat and no joke the question are we having any fun yet ran through my mind and she tried to dump me and leave me.
  • E
F*ck the Tory government.. we won’t be having any fun until they sort this sh*t show out.
  • Francesca
I think without music I’d feel completely alone.
  • Harry
I don’t know, are we?
  • Emily
seeing you guys In December and I'm excited but also scared, I have really bad social anxiety so I've never had the courage to go to a gig and I dont tend to really go out. Im hoping that loving you guys so much might help me get through some of the anxiety. You've been a godsent in isolation ❤
  • Em
every track distracts me from this weird and shitty world and makes me feel somewhat peaceful and safe. thank you for all the amazing music you give us and I can’t wait for more!
  • Paris
I struggle so much with my self worth and it’s difficult to stay happy. You guys’ music is an amazing happiness booster. I’m really hoping that I can come see you guys live whenever possible, you’ve basically saved my life and I’m so grateful. Keep doing what you’re doing, you guys are inspiring ❤️
  • Paris
You guys helped me through a very low point in my life and im forever grateful and hold your band close to my heart. Your music is just amazing and gives off the best vibes. I’m really hoping to come see you whenever I can❤️
  • Grace
Can’t wait for all the gigs after the corona virus !!!